Agent Representation

Striving to stay ahead and deliver quality in our industry, QTG is always looking to improve through new technologies and services. Our firm is constantly looking and wanting to work with firms, brands and companies that will help us achieve our goal. We provide a platform through our Agent Representation services to include your product or service expands

  • Finding Work: When QTG looks at a potential business for their product or service, we want to make sure that Our agency can be effective in introducing these products and services into the market.
  • Marketing:  Our agency will work to promote a product or service to potential clients in the market. 
  • Negotiating Compensation: QTG will work to further serve our client by negotiating fair compensation that are to industry standards
  • Contracts Sorted: Along with negotiating fair compensation, our agency will take care of all legal undertakings in a way that suits our clients.
  • And More! From portfolio advice to achieving the goals and targets of our clients, being represented by us will certainly open doors and contribute to a more stable business growth.